Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ice Cream Sandwich

I still have days, 3 1/2 years after the birth of my daughter, that I look at her in awe and wonder how this all happened. Okay, I know how it happened, but do you ever really get used to being a mom? There are times when I suddenly become fully aware that there is a little person running around my house, and she is mine. Crazy, isn't it?! Today, for lunch, I asked that little person what she wanted and, without skipping a beat, she said, "Ice cream"! So, ice cream it is!

ice cream sandwich bento lunch
Sharp cheddar and Gouda cheese sandwich, smoked turkey, raspberries, and diced carrots, red bell pepper, and celery.

We also tried another refrigerator oatmeal from The Yummy Life, and attempted our own. I'm hooked on these things! We made the mandarin orange flavor, which is my new runner up to the almond mango one. Then, we made our own using fresh strawberries and lemon curd! Loved it!

refridgerator oatmeal


  1. Love it! And there's still time to add it to the Ice Cream Sandwich Party!

    I love your blog and have followed it and envied your creativity since before BBF :) I’ve awarded you the One Lovely Blog & Very Inspiring Blogger Award! You can find out all about it by clicking here You’re under no obligation to accept it, I just wanted to recognize you :) Thanks for blogging so awesomely!

  2. Awe.. Cristi.. what I compliment! BBF is filled with such unique, creative minds, so it isn't surprising there are such fantastic individuals behind them! :) And I linky'd up to your party. And, it's an honor just to be recognized by fantastic peeps like you, so heck yeah I'll check it out that award!