Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Chicks Day Out

It was such a beautiful day today, so we decided to have a girls day out. We ran a couple errands after breakfast and spent the rest of the afternoon at the Children's Zoo, which we are fortunate enough to have just 5 minutes away from our house! For our 'chicks' day out, we packed a lunch and were on our way! I just threw the scraps in a bag for me and ate up what she left behind from hers and it worked out great! I just love days like this!

chick egg bento lunch
Cherry tomatoes, carrots, parsley, salami, hard boiled eggs, mild cheddar cheese, smoked Gouda cheese, veggie straws, NatureBox dried apples & peaches, and Blueberry Muffin Larabar heart.

In this lunch...


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  2. They are sweet chicks! What did you do to make the faces? The noses look like carrots but I can't figure out what the eyes are. (And I deleted the previous post because of a typo--sorry!)

  3. Thanks! The eyes are from red leaf lettuce, that looks almost black. I just use a small straw to punch the eyes out. You can use nori or black sesame seeds too for black. The beaks are carrots! :)