Monday, July 9, 2012

Animal Friends Picnic

What's better than a picnic with your friends? Okay, so in this case, you are actually eating your friends, but they are yummy after all! And what picnic would be complete without an ant? Thanks to Molly's LunchBox for sending us the fun picks you see in this lunch!

picnic bento lunch
Picnic friends are salami, mayo, mustard, and Muenster cheese sandwiches, and served with baby romaine lettuce, cucumber, carrots, Kalamata olives, checkerboard apple, and a mix of chocolate raisins with NatureBox organic mighty mix.

I still think the checkered apples are one of the easiest and most universal ways to add a fast, fun, yummy element to any lunchbox. While the checkerboard is simple, you can achieve the same result using any shape you'd like. Here is a quick demo of how it is done..

checkerboard apple
Score your apple with vertical and horizontal lines, using a sharp
paring knife, then lift each square gently with the tip of a knife.
checkerboard apple
And there you have it! A lovely checkerboard apple!

In this lunch...