Saturday, June 23, 2012

'Sub' Sandwich

I really need someone to tell me where I saw this so I can credit them, but either way, this is my take on what I sketched on a piece of paper some time back. I was all poised to create a fabulous 'lion' lunch for the kiddo when at the last moment, she insisted that I promised a submarine the day before. Alas, she was right.. so this was pulled together quickly.. still turned out well I think. My only complaint is that originally the windows of the sub were just pressed so they were indented, but in the pictures it never showed up that way for me, so I stuck some cheese on to get the photo! She LOVED it!

sub sandwich lunch
TJ roasted seaweed, watermelon 'seastars', cucumber 'sand dollars', goldfish crackers, salami on wheat thin bread, and swiss cheese bubbles.