Monday, June 25, 2012

Red, White & Blue

So, these aren't lunches, but there has been so many cute 4th of July ideas circulating out there that we had to start early and try some out!

4th of July melon star
Watermelon, apple, and blueberries!

The other thing we tackled were the red, white, and blue strawberries. We saw these first in a magazine at the library, but when I saw them again on Family Fresh Meals, I knew we had to make some too. These are so quick and easy to do, and every step of the way, nearly any age child can help out!

4th of July White Chocolate Strawberries
Ingredients - 1 package of clean, dry, ripe strawberries, a bag of white chocolate chips, and some blue sugar.
Heat a little more than half the chocolate and dip the strawberries, laying them on wax paper to harden.
4th of July strawberries
Heat up the rest of the chocolate and dip the lower third of the strawberry, then dip in the colored sugar. Let harden and serve room temp or chilled. We decided to re-purpose our deviled egg tray for them and it worked great.. except we had to keep refilling! Yum!
4th of July strawberries