Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

We did a couple Father's Day crafts this year for something fun to share! Hope you enjoy!

father's day treat
This one was so simple. You could use any size jar, but we recycled a mayonnaise jar. If you are talented and/or have a Cricut, feel free to get fancy, but we use printed on regular white paper and glued to some scraps of colored card stock. If you use a regular jar, you could even use fabric on the lid. Our lid says "Hugs & Kisses for Papa. Happy Father's Day 2012". The poem on the jar we edited from a version we found about being away at school.. it says "Whether we are close or even for apart, I know you think of me and you are in my heart. Here are some hugs and kisses for when I am away, to remember that I love you, each and every day!"

We also found a great idea at Biting the Hand That Feeds You and did this one for dad! The little one got to scoop and fill the jars (one for home and one for work), sample a bit, and decorate the backs of the labels with stickers! This was a lot of fun!

father's day treat DIY
The poem on this jar says...
Here's a treat for you because I think you are neat and need something yummy to eat!
Father's Day Trail Mix
Marshmallows because you are a "big softy"
Nuts because I'm "nuts" about you
Raisins because you're "raisin" me right
Butterscotch chips because I'm a "chip" off the old block
M&Ms because you "Mean" so "Much"