Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Well, our ladybugs arrived today from Insect Lore... hundreds of them! We have a unmanageable amount of rose bushes in our garden, yet the aphids always seem to manage just fine. I thought about getting some lacewings, but settled on ladybugs thinking they'd be more fun for our little one, and I was right! She had a blast releasing them into different areas of the garden, and even had a ladybug lunch for the occasion. So far, we've had great luck with Insect Lore, and been happy with all the caterpillars we've got in the past. This year, we even ordered a mantis egg case, which hopefully hatches successfully for us.

ladybug release

ladybug bento lunch
Cucumbers, carrot, watermelon cubes, Babybel cheese, yogurt raisins in container, open face salami and provolone sandwich on white toast with mustard, and Trader Joe's roasted seaweed.
ladybug release garden

ladybug release garden

In this lunch...


  1. Love the ladybug lunch! The babybel lady bug is brilliant! :)