Monday, May 7, 2012

'F' Lunch

Continuing along with doing alphabet themed worksheet days means trying to incorporate a letter based lunch as well. I had such fabulous ideas for 'F' that Frankly just didn't come to Fruitian. I was thinking a lovely Farfalle pasta salad with feta, fennel, and fava beans... perhaps even with French dressing. A piece of toasted French bread would be on the side with a piece of fudge and some figs. Pfft... This is what she REALLY got! F-u-n either way!

Letter F Lunch
Fish crackers, fish shaped egg, feta cheese, flowers cut from cucumber, carrot, and celery, a fan of apples, fig newtons, and Fs cut from fruit leather. Since it's currently frappy hour at starbucks, this lunch also included a bit of strawberry Frappucino!

Letter F Worksheet
For the letter 'F', we also did a Fun Foam art project to create a Fridge Frame! Fantastic!! A bit too F-ar?! Okay, I'm done! We love these little worksheets and projects!

In this lunch...


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