Sunday, December 30, 2012

Winter Wonderland

Here are a few more wintery bentos I did. Since it has hardly been a real winter this year, I figured I'd better get them in while they were still appropriate.

Winter snow bento lunch
Red and green bell pepper, buttered sourdough toast, salami, provolone, roasted cashews, strawberry fruit leather, mini marshmallows, and a shortbread cookie.

Homemade butter croutons, yellow and white American cheese, red bell pepper, cucumber, salami, ranch in the container, and a North Pole marshmallow.

snowflake bento lunch
Ramen noodles, with snowflake shaped fried egg and provolone cheese, some red bell peppers, more provolone 'snow' and letters, and in the closed container under the letters, there is some applesauce.

In these lunches...