Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Love is in the Air

Yeah for Valentine's day themed Bentos. This should be a lot of fun. There are fantastic ideas out there and I'm not sure where I first and last saw the envelope sandwich with heart seal, but it was more than one place. Feel free to leave a comment if you know where it was. I'm thinking I really need to set up something for what blogs I follow so that at least sends some credit there way!

valentine heart bento lunch
Smoked turkey, salami, provolone cheese, red bell pepper, cream cheese and strawberry jam sandwich w/ fruit leather heart seal, strawberries, and some mini butter mints.

In this lunch...


  1. Hi Sarah! Very nice to meet you. This is such a cute lunch. Thanks for linking up at Bento Blog Network. I hope you participate in future weeks. I'm going to look at your other creations now.

  2. Thanks Diana. I will definitely continue to participate. Seems like a great way to connect!