Sunday, January 29, 2012


The day has arrived. She is three years old! Happy Birthday! Last year, I did great, I baked a Hello Kitty cake and piped all those nasty little frosting stars with homemade, delicious buttercream. What a PAIN in the rear, or should I say hand and wrist and elbow and shoulder.. ugh. This year, I felt awful. I ordered a cake from the local bakery. She wanted Mickey Mouse this year and I had insane visions of cakes way out of my league and while I thought and thought about the route to go, I ran out of time to do what I settled on.. a buttercream transfer of Mickey Mouse. I just couldn't get it done. I know.. no big deal. The bakery did a nice job, but I really wanted to be able to make a special cake every year for her, so next year, I'll plan early and make up for it. She loved it anyways and it all worked out. Thought I'd share pictures of both cakes.

hello kitty birthday cake 
Homemade Hello Kitty cake for 2nd birthday. 

mickey mouse 3rd birthday cake
 Bakery made Mickey Mouse cake for 3rd birthday.


  1. I've never done icing stars, but I must say that it's adorable!! Great job!