Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Simple Halloween Fun

One of our favorite quick meals, whether it be lunch or dinner, is a simple tuna or chicken salad. It doesn't get any easier. Our version of tuna salad is made with mayo, a little mustard, chopped dill pickles, and a healthy dose of fresh ground pepper. Delicious as a sandwich or wrap, tuna salad is equally yummy with crackers and cheese, and is super easy to pack that way so we don't end up with any sad, soggy bread.

Halloween bento
Tuna salad, cucumbers, toast rounds, Swiss cheese, and candy corn in the container.

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Monday, October 26, 2015

Gone Batty!

Seems like lately when I go to the fridge or pantry, I'm down to the last of just about everything. Seriously, like I need to go shopping right now instead of posting this! I even cooked pasta last night for dinner using the end of two different types of pasta. Oh well. Lunch still comes together without too much effort, and I prefer to think of this lunch and snack as a nice variety rather than a bunch of odds and ends. Yummy, either way!

Halloween bento
Peanut butter & jelly bat, Swiss cheese, grapes, carrots, celery, granny smith apples, chocolate covered pretzels, and mini pretzel flats.
Halloween bento
Snack - Peanut butter & Trader Joe's cookie butter bats, turkey ham, and chocolate pretzels.

I have to say that the addition of the trivia Lunchbox Love note in this box led to much debate with my 6 year old..,. first about mammals, then about flying versus gliding, then all about the different kinds of bats, which eventually led to a discussion about blood sucking and vampires. Tis the season I suppose.

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

End of the Harvest

While our herbs will be growing strong for a while yet, the last of our tomatoes was chopped up for a lunch side today. Not only does the garden being prepped for winter signify that time of year has come, but we always start our No Bake Energy Bites batches going shortly after school starts. This is our first batch of the season. We always make them exactly the same, but I think I'll be trying to add some dried fruits and nuts for a twist this year..  If you haven't had these, you must!

Easylunchboxes wrap
For daddy - Turkey and Swiss wraps with Havarti on the side, the last of the fresh tomatoes from the garden (with some basil from the garden too), watermelon, and energy bites.

Sassy Kindergarten lunch
Turkey and Swiss sandwiches, cucumber, and watermelon. Not pictured was snack, which was pita chips and hummus.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Beary Special Nibbler Lunch

In an effort to clear out some odds and ends in the fridge, many a 'nibbler' or snack box style lunch is born... ever changing based on what small bits of this and that we have left hanging around. Not enough meat for a sandwich, end of a box of crackers, last bit of fruit or veggie in the crisper drawer.. yup, that stuff makes for a great lunch!

Smoked turkey, grapes, olives and capers, Havarti cheese, Trader Joe's cheddar rockets, and cucumber.

Snack today was grapes and celery with Trader Joe's cookie butter.

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Monday, September 21, 2015

Late Summer Butterflies

So, I know it's not really butterfly season, but I girl can be hopeful that the warm weather will stick around just a bit longer, right? I'm not ready to let go of summer. So, while there is still a warm, sunny day, butterflies it is, dangit.

Butterfly easylunchboxes lunch
Kabobs with whole wheat bread, cheddar jack cheese, turkey, and salami with mustard to dip, cucumbers, and watermelon.

Kindergarten snack
Snack today was butter pretzels, raw pecans, mozzarella cheese, and a Trader Joe's yogurt star cookie.

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Monday, September 14, 2015

The Witches - Roald Dahl Day Hop

Yesterday was Roald Dahl Day, which is celebrated every year on his birthday, September 13th. Not only did I grow up reading Dahl's books and watching films adapted from them, but now I get to share them with my daughter.. and with a little bit of interpretation, lunch! I'm not alone in this, of course, so along with some fellow bloggers, we decided to do a Dahl-icious Blog Hop!

This year, I decided to use one of my favorite books from Dahl, The Witches, as inspiration for the hop. In a previous year, we also used that inspiration to make our own version of vegetarian split pea soup... so yummy and back on the menu this week thanks to some unseasonable cool weather. The Witches, if you haven't read it (and you need to .. just as soon as you are done with the hop, that is), introduces it's main character, and readers, to real witches... dangerous, terrifying, vile creatures that have powerful magic, especially the Grand High Witch! In an effort to rid the world of children, a plan is devised to turn them into mice by luring them in with chocolate and sweets laced with a special potion, Formula 86: Delay action mouse maker. But, these witches weren't expecting one special boy and his very special grandmother!

Roald Dahl Blog Hop Easylunchboxes
Cheese sandwich (seems appropriate for a mouse, right?), Hershey's kiss, peas, and creamed maple applesauce. Awe.. look how cute that mouse is!
CutezCute Mouse
And, I certainly couldn't forget our own vial of Formula 86 AKA apple juice with this lunch.
Roald Dahl Day Blog Hop

Now, it's time to hop on over to the next blog, Bebento-Kids, and see what inspired them! Click through this link or the graphic below!
Roald Dahl Day Blog Hop

When you make it all the way through the hop and end up back here, be sure to check out previous year's inspiration, James and the Giant Peach, too!

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