Monday, October 13, 2014

Apple Picking & A Patch

We were very fortunate to have a beautiful warmish day on Sunday, so we took full advantage and headed to Leaman's Green Apple Barn for one last trip this fall. We lucked out that we went when we did because it was the last weekend for apple picking. Let me tell you, my kiddo played hard with her friends, and helped this mama pick a peck of apples, too. So, not only did she have a blast, but she earned her first fun patch for her Daisy uniform. Now, if only they had a patch for baking apple pies, we'd be set! I figured I'd tie in lunch today with our fun yesterday, and remind her how proud I am of her.

Apple bento
Peanut butter & apple butter sandwich, candy corn, frozen strawberry Chobani yogurt, James apple (fresh picked), and celery.

kindergarten snack box
PM Snack - Swiss and cheddar cheese, mini pretzel crisps, and candy corn.

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Friday, October 10, 2014

Pizza Sticks

On Fridays, I always send popcorn as the afternoon snack. But, I realized the last 2 Fridays were all about pizza too. Last Friday, it was a skewer style pizza stick lunch that was inspired by pizza. Then, today, there was actually leftover pizza sticks. My kiddo's school has a Papa John's pizza event once a month, where a percent of sales comes back to the school. That night was last night. So, not only did I not have to cook dinner last night, but lunch was literally 'in the box' too. Bonus!

Pizza Sticks Easylunchboxes Bento
Pizza skewers with whole grain bread, turkey pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, orange and red bell pepper, and black olives, pizza sauce, mini grapes, and Snickers bite.

Kindergarten snack box
Popcorn and Clif Kidz Fruit & Veggie stick.

Then, the leftovers lunch from this Friday. Popcorn, as mentioned above, was the afternoon snack this day too.
Lunchbots bento
 Pizza sticks, turkey pepperoni, grapes, and candy corn.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Froggy Fun

Monday... blerg. Wait, is it Tuesday now? Blerg again. Time for a super simple, cute, yummy lunch. This is when the right tool for the job really comes in handy. Thank you CuteZCute. Done!

cutezcute bento
Peanut butter & jelly sandwich, yogurt raisins, red bell pepper, mozzarella cheese, and a strawberry.

kindergarten snack box
PM Snack - Apple berry applesauce and trail mix.

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Friday, October 3, 2014


Oh, Friday, where have you been all my life? Well, at least, where have you been all week? Mama needed you by Tuesday. It matters not. You're here now, and I'll take it!
No snack box today. I sent popcorn again, which I think will be our Friday ritual for the school year. Hey, it also means we get popcorn Thursday night! I'm not complaining... Yum!

Kindergarten lunch
Shredded carrots, cucumber, Colby jack cheese, smoked turkey, Trader Joe's 12 grain mini crackers, Trader Joe's yogurt star, and grapes.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I Think O-live You!

Besides "Look! Lunch!", I have to tell you that I have found the most incredible black olives. Yes, they come from a can. Yes, they are amazing! They are Lindsay Naturals. No, they did not pay me or ask me to promote their product, but I would.. and I am! Yum.

Lunchbots bento
Salami & black olive skewers, mini Snickers bar, Trader Joe's 12 grain mini crackers, Trader Joe's Apple Raspberry leather, cucumber, and Muenster cheese.

Kindergarten snack box
Banana, grapes, nut mix, Trader Joe's yogurt star.

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